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RV Inspections

RV Inspections

We do a detailed inspection of the RV from roof to tires and everything in between.

Fluid Analysis

Fluid Analysis

This can diagnose the health of your engine, transmission or generator.

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About Black Diamond RV Inspections, LLC

RV Inspector Jim Doumak


Certified RV Inspector

Registered RV Service Technician

NRVIA Member


I developed a love for RVing back in the 1970’s when my parents bought our first RV, a Winnebago Brave, and have been RVing ever since. After the Winnebago was sold about 10 years later, my family (wife, 3 boys, my mother, brother, his wife, and his family of 2 kids) would rent 2 RVs for about 3 weeks and travel throughout the Western United States. Then more recently, our immediate family of 5 plus my 98-year-old mother would rent a motorhome to tour the West. Traveling once a year just wasn’t enough, so in 2016 we decided to buy our first RV, a Class C motorhome, and 2 years later we purchased a Class A motorhome.

In 2012, I retired from my 22-year career as a firefighter/paramedic and, in my retirement, I still needed to keep busy. Why not get involved in something that I love? So, a few years ago, in order to gain more knowledge of the in’s and out’s of the workings of RVs, I enrolled in the NRVTA (National Recreational Vehicle Training Academy) to learn to work on my own RV and be able to fix the majority of the issues that could arise in ownership and save money and time from taking the rig to the dealership for repairs.

About a year later, I enrolled again at the NRVTA and took the RV Inspector program and earned a certification in RV inspections, starting a new career. I am pleased that in my inspections for prospective buyers, I have found major issues and saved them lots of money from making a purchase that they would have regretted. And on the flip side, I have inspected RVs with very few issues so the prospective buyer would feel good about their purchase.

At Black Diamond RV Inspections, LLC, we will do a thorough RV inspection to put your mind at ease, so that you can feel confident that the RV you are planning to purchase is in a safe operating condition and you and your family can enjoy exploring this great country of ours.

Inspection Services

RV Inspections

RV Inspections

We do a detailed inspection of the RV from roof to tires and everything in between. We check the sealants of the roof to insure there is no water intrusion into the rig. We examine the condition of the sidewalls and the condition of the front and rear caps. We also test the electrical systems of the RV including doing a “hot skin” test to make sure there is no electrical voltage making its way into the frame of the RV, which is a life hazard. Propane systems are also checked including the oven and stove and doing a propane pressure drop test to make sure there are no leaks in your system, also a life hazard if there is a leak anywhere. The operation of the RV’s safety systems such as smoke and propane/CO detectors are tested. The refrigerator, air conditioners, furnace, water heaters are also tested. This detailed inspection can take in excess of 8 hours to complete. A written report of 80 – 100 pages along with 50 – 100 photos will be presented to you with our findings.

Fluid Analysis

Fluid Analysis

We draw oil from the engine and generator, transmission fluid, and coolant and send it to a lab that analyzes the samples to determine if there is anything in the fluids that shouldn’t be there. This can diagnose the health of your engine, transmission, or generator just like a blood sample to a lab can evaluate your state of health.

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RV inspector Jim Doumak proudly serves San Diego County, Southern Orange County, Southern Riverside County.

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